This is available as both a full-time driving + harvest position or solely as a part-time (20-30hrs/week) driver position. 

The delivery driver is responsible for the following duties:

  • Managing delivery routes based on timing and efficiency. 

  • Checking each order at loading and at delivery to ensure accuracy. 

  • Communicating with crew regarding order statuses and specifications.

  • Cleaning out the delivery vehicle at the end of each work week. 

  • Alerting Max of any issues with the delivery vehicle. 

  • Engaging with customers in a friendly and polite manner. 

  • Miscellaneous farm errands

  • As needed, the delivery driver can expect to participate in other farm related tasks including: greenhouse work, transplanting, and general field work. We hope that by engaging in day-to-day farm work you will feel more connected to the produce you are delivering! 


  • Monday through Friday

  • About 20-30 hours a week of driving + 20-30 hours of farm work (if applicable)

  • Schedule specifications will be discussed during the interview. 


  • 1 or more years of relevant experience

  • A clean driving record

  • Ability to lift and carry heavy items; 50lbs+

  • A friendly and outgoing personality

  • An eye for detail and the ability to multi-task

  • A strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and ability to work alone for extended periods of time. 


  • $15/hr for driving and $12/hr for harvesting

  • Weekly produce from the farm

  • 2 paid days off

  • 5 unpaid vacation days


  • To come to work on time and prepared for work

  • To have adequate work wear for any and all weather

  • To work well with others and alert your manager of any issues in a timely manner

  • To understand that weather and orders dictate our hours at work. If you will be joining our harvest crew you will be required to stay late if necessary, both because you are part of a team and because farming is in itself dictated by weather. (ex: If there is a storm coming we may work late to get crops in from the field. If orders are larger than expected we will work late to fill them.)