Frequently Asked Questions

Does it expire?


I mean, if in 2024 we’ve completely upgraded our system and you have $12 on a card you bought in 2019…we might have some trouble with that. But otherwise rest assured your card has no realistic expiration date.

Can I replenish my card?

Yes, anytime! The easiest way to do this is at market or the farm store.

Can I use it at market AND the farm store?

Yes, and you can use it on items we buy in for our farm store as well!

The farm card is like your very own debit card/discount card combo!

The farm card is like your very own debit card/discount card combo!


  • Three Tiers:

    • $150 card = $165 card balance

    • $300 card = $345 card balance

    • $500 card = $600 card balance

  • Purchase Options:

    • In person with cash, check, or credit card.

    • Online with a credit card

  • Where/When:

    • Great Barrington Farmers’ Market: Saturdays, May 9th - Oct 31st

    • Our Farm Store: May 9th - Oct 31st. Weekdays TBD

    • The Berkshire Grown Farmers’ Market: Nov. 23rd & Dec. 21st

Infrequently Asked Questions

(But still important to know)

Can my friend use it?

Yes, absolutely!

What if I forget my card?

No problem! Your card is linked to your provided name and email address. We can look you up and run your transaction with just that information.

Can I return a card/get refunded?

No. Just like a CSA this is a relationship that we both have to keep. Of course, if there is a true life changing event and you are unable to use the card we will reimburse you. You may also release the card to us and we will find a local low-income family to gift it to.