Farm share cards are here!

You may purchase cards online at any time; they can be shipped or picked-up at either retail location.

They will also be available for purchase in person at the GB Farmers’ Market beginning Mother’s Day Weekend and at the Farm Store beginning Memorial Day.


What are farm share cards? And how do they work?

Farm share cards are pre-paid cards that can be used to shop for produce and goods at either of our retail locations; our market stand and our farm store.

The card is used just a like a regular gift card and can be re-loaded once you run out of balance. This can be done in person or a new card can be purchased online.

All cards have a predetermined bonus loaded on at purchase. More details can be found by clicking the purchase button below.


How is the card different from a CSA share?

In some ways there are similarities; it gives you access to locally grown produce at a lower price than retail and gives our farm much needed income to offset early season costs.

Differently from a standard share, the card allows you to chose when to shop, what to buy, and how much.

The card is great for people who might find CSA programs too constricting, might want less/more food each week, and/or aren’t able to commit to picking up once a week for the length of the season.


Why purchase a card?

Farming is a very cash intensive business, especially early in the season before we even have anything to sell.

To put this in perspective, imagine having to pay 80% of your yearly household expenses in the first 4 months of the year - yikes!

Alternative income helps us pay for seeds, supplies, tools, labor, rent, fuel, and many other expenses we incur each spring. By purchasing a card you are committing to helping a small local business and ensuring that your money stays in the community.