Farm share cards are here!

We will be selling our market cards at the Berkshire Grown Market, February 16th, 10am-2pm

You may also purchase cards online at any time; they can be shipped or picked-up at either retail location.


What are farm share cards? And how do they work?

Farm share cards are pre-paid cards that can be used to shop for produce and goods at either of our retail locations; our market stand and our farm store.

The card is used just a like a regular gift card and can be re-loaded once you run out of balance.

All cards come with a bonus loaded on.


How is the card different from a CSA share?

In some ways there are similarities; it gives you access to locally grown produce at a lower price than retail and gives our farm much needed income to offset early season costs.

Differently from a standard share, you can chose when to shop, what to buy, and how much.


Why purchase a card?

Farming is a very cash intensive business, especially early in the season - before we have anything to sell!

Alternative income helps us pay for seeds, supplies, tools, labor, rent, fuel, and many other expenses we incur each spring.