Max Morningstar
Proprietor & Farmer

Max Morningstar has been farming since he was nineteen, when his enthusiasm for excellent food and love of the outdoors led him to enroll in the farmer training program at the Farm School. After a year co-managing Lookout Farm, he became the founding farm manager of Siena Farms in Sudbury, MA, where he oversaw the growth of a 10-acre start-up into a 60-acre established business and worked tirelessly to improve the farm’s stewardship of its land base. In 2014, he moved to Copake, NY to start MX Morningstar Farm, bringing with him a talented and dedicated crew. Max is deeply committed to developing creative and elegant systems for efficient production that holistically enhance the farm ecosystem and build good life quality for farmers.


Jess Camp
Management Partner & Farmer

Bringing people together around good food and good work is one of the core values that motivates Jess as a farmer. Few people are as enthusiastic or speedy at filling flats and seeding trays in the greenhouse! Jess’s adoration for the work began during her apprenticeship at Appleton Farms CSA in Ipswich, MA and blossomed when she took on the role of Greenhouse Manager at Siena Farms. After moving to Great Barrington, Jess was excited to have the opportunity to join Max in starting MX Morningstar Farm. In past roles as a community arts center administrator in Oxford, OH and CSA coordinator in Sudbury, MA, Jess developed her aptitude for organization. She believes that establishing sensible communication structures and effective record-keeping provides for sound decision-making that allows the farm to grow according to its goals and values.


Taco                                                                                                                Farm Mascot & Pest Control

Meet Taco; house guard dog, farm explorer, giver of high-fives and kisses, groundhog terrorizer, farm truck chaser, carrot addict, mouse hunter, and the most charming crew member you'll find around here. 

Also, she can keep up with a whitetail deer. Enough said.