Our Crops

At MX Morningstar Farm, we grow an extensive list of annual vegetable crops using organic sustainable practices that support the health of our customers, our employees, and our soils.  

Our goal is to make top quality, great-tasting, fresh-picked vegetables available to you and your family throughout the season through farmers markets and our farmstand. We offer wholesale delivery to area restaurants and produce departments in eastern New York, western Connecticut, and the Berkshires. 

We’re proud to be USDA-NOP Organic Certified by NOFA-NY, and to grow without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Our crops include:

Potatoes - Sweet Potatoes - Winter Squash - Summer Squash - Cucumbers - Carrots - Beets - Storage Radishes & Bunching Radishes - Cantaloupes - Lettuce - Fennel - Chicories - Scallions - Kale - Cabbage - Parsnips - Herbs - Turnips - Broccolini

You can find a general availability list by clicking here

Sweet Potatoes

Adirondack Red, Peter Wilcox, and Yukon Gem Potatoes